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Principal's Journal

 February 23, 2018

I am DaLee Garcia

Principal of Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS

At Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS, you will be exposed to an accelerated, rigorous learning environment designed to ensure you are college ready as measured by the TSI assessments in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. You will be introduced to strategies that will assist you to be successful in college level coursework involving large amounts of reading, writing, and speaking opportunities.  Your high school math and science course sequence will be accelerated to ensure you have the prerequisite skills to excel in the rigorous coursework required by the STEM fields. In addition, you will also engage in project-based learning designed to simulate the real world, authentic problem solving found in the field. Our engineering class uses Solidworks 3D software and equipment identical to that in the field.  Our computer science lab is equipped with the latest programming language software as well as Google Android Studio for mobile app development. Our science labs meet and exceed university standards.  Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS offers you a world class STEM education along with two years of college credit.

Associate Degrees available for students enrolled in our school include:

Biology – which leads to careers in medicine, physical therapy, genetic research and counseling, pharmacy, environmental studies, agriculture, research science, and forensic science

Engineering – which include the subcategories of civil, mechanical, electrical, petroleum, chemical, computer

Computer Science – which can lead to a career as a Programmer, game designer, web designer, systems analyst, software designer, network, and database administrator

Mathematics – which leads to jobs such as mathematician, statistician, economist, actuary scientist, stockbroker, marketing research analyst, forensic accountant, and information science

Interdisciplinary Studies – with STEM electives for those of you who have yet to make up your mind and want to explore different STEM areas before you decide on a career

Students are able to earn up to 60 credit hours of transferable college hours, which is also known as an associate degree.

We will select 120 students in a performance blind, open access lottery system.

August 10, 2017

Welcome to Thelma Salinas T-STEM Early College High School.  I am pleased that each of you has chosen to remain a member of our Timberwolf family.  The administrative team looks forward to working with you to ensure that our students have positive learning experiences throughout the school year. Here at Salinas T-STEM, our mission is to enable students to graduate high school with a STEM endorsement while earning an associate degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) field through the implementation of a rigorous/relevant curriculum, a structured system of support, and a strong partnership with South Texas College.  This is the Salinas T-STEM ECHS mission.

In addition, the stakeholders of Salinas T-STEM ECHS envision a school in which:

*All students are engaged and produce college level work.

*All students are motivated, independent learners who are accountable for their own education.

*All students transition successfully to a four year college of their choice.

*All students, staff, and parents work collaboratively to achieve the campus mission.

This is the Salinas T-STEM ECHS vision.

For our staff, we must remember that it is our job to teach students how to learn, to close learning gaps where they exist, and to develop our students’ self-esteem as learners and productive members of a global society.  Our actions must embody the spirit of teamwork, collegiality, and the belief that all students can achieve.  If our students do not have the necessary skills to succeed, we must diagnose, prescribe, implement, assess, and maintain skills/concepts with absolute precision so that our students have the “skill set” needed to achieve their goals. Ensuring that all our students are college, career, and life ready is our moral obligation.  This is the Salinas T-STEM ECHS philosophy.

We must be a staff and student body that recognizes the challenges of contemporary society and embraces the need to be innovative, authentic, and relevant in order to meet the educational needs of our students.  Salinas T-STEM continues a tradition of success by providing opportunities for our students to engage in activities via the Common Instructional Framework (CIF) that develop problem-solving skills, promote critical reading/thinking, improve research/writing/speaking skills, and enhance leadership ability. This is the Salinas T-STEM instructional focus.

We look forward to an exciting and eventful 2017-2018 school year. Our students benefit from our strengths.  Our mascot, the Timberwolf, is the most dominant species of the canine family.  Adjectives used to describe the Timberwolf include intelligent, loyal, communicative, collaborative, and strategic.  As a team, we are strong, talented, intelligent, goal-oriented, generous, committed, and compassionate. As we stay true to the spirit of our mascot, it is our expectation that we respect the contributions of each individual member of the pack, that we use our communication skills effectively to solve problems, work strategically, and publicize our successes, and that we value our interdependence as we adapt to the needs of our school environment as a cohesive, goal focused unit. This is the Thelma Salinas T-STEM Timberwolves’ way.

February 21, 2017

Welcome to the Principal’s Journal link of our school website.  It seems like only yesterday when we opened the 2016-2017 school year, and it also seems surreal to be planning for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.  Therefore, in the spirit of looking forward, I am sharing information we use in the recruitment process.  If you know any interested 8th graders, please feel free to share this link.


Our mission at Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS is to enable students to graduate high school with a STEM endorsement while earning an associate’s degree in a STEM-related field (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) through the implementation of a rigorous curriculum, a structured system of academic, social, and emotional support, and a strong partnership with South Texas College.

About Our School:

Our school is a Texas Education Agency approved early college high school focused on preparing students for academic success in dual enrollment coursework and providing students with the opportunity to earn up to 60 semester hours of transferable college credit or an associate’s degree. Our curriculum blends high school coursework with college readiness preparation and dual enrollment as early as students meet South Texas College admission requirements.  Our faculty implements the Common Instructional Framework (collaborative group work, writing to learn, classroom talk, questioning, scaffolding, literacy groups) and integrates reading, writing, speaking, and thinking within all core areas and electives. Our students are taught organization/time management skills, participate in project-based learning activities, and are introduced to educational options and careers in the STEM fields. Currently, our school serves grades 9-12 and houses 405 students.

Special Features:

*Students must meet ECHS entry criteria and apply for admission while enrolled in the 8th grade.

*140 8th grade students will be selected by lottery for admission this spring.

*Incoming 9th graders attend summer bridge program for orientation and transitional activities.

*Students must declare a STEM field of study: biology, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or interdisciplinary studies with STEM electives.

*Students may participate in the club or organization of their choice: Student Government, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Robotics, STEM Biological Society, UIL, National Honor Society, Chess Club, STEM Gamers, STEM Anime Club, Health Occupations Student Organization (HOSA), STEM Literary Society, Technology Student Association (TSA), Science Research Club, and STEM Music Club.

*Students may participate in after school extra-curricular activities at their respective high schools.

Traditional Features:

Our school is designed with a traditional 8 period schedule with an early morning session available for student-led study groups or faculty-led re-teaching sessions. The 1

st   period class allows students to receive local credit for Path to Success (9th), Student Leadership (10th), ACT Prep (11th), and College Readiness (12th). In addition to class guidance lessons, our students receive individual guidance and advisement by both high school and college staff empowering each student with the information necessary to make critical decisions about future educational plans and career choices.

Our Staff:

Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS is staffed by a principal, 1 assistant principal, 1 counselor, 28 faculty members (academic core plus electives), 1 instructional assistant, 1 secretary, 1 registrar, 1 attendance clerk, a shared social worker, and a shared computer proctor.


November 14, 2016

Our school received Texas STEM Academy Designation for the 2016-2017 school year.  This designation requires that we as a school engage in a variety of activities that promote STEM education for the 408 students that call Thelma Salinas STEM ECHS their home school.  You may be thinking that we have been operating as an early college high school for four years now and we’re doing great. 89% of our May 2016 graduates earned an associate’s degree from our higher education partner, South Texas College. Our 2016 graduates earned over 2.2 million dollars in scholarships to continue their education. STEM also received 5 distinctions on our Spring 2016 End of Course Exams. Author John Maxwell writes, “Of all the things a leader should fear, complacency should head the list.” What is complacency?  Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines complacency as “a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better.”  Author of From Good to Great, Jim Collins, also tells us that the enemy of achieving greatness is satisfaction with being good.  We  must not be satisfied with being a “good “school. There are many good schools.  We should aspire to be a great school, an excellent school, and an exceptional school.

Our decision to seek T-STEM designation is one way we can fight complacency.  Keeping our skills sharp and focused-doing the things we do well with quality, but also learning new strategies and techniques that will allow our students to explore more fully the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Jobs for the Future tells us that tomorrow’s high wage careers are in the STEM fields.  Don’t our students deserve that proverbial “piece of the pie”?  And how do we prepare our students’ for success in these careers?

Last week, I met with Alma Garcia from Educate Texas, an organization allied with the Texas Education Agency.  She will serve as our school’s Technical Assistance TSTEM Coach as we take that journey from good to great to exceptional.  We talked about our plans for implementing the TSTEM benchmarks and about her next visit on December 9th.  I am looking forward to her accompanying me on classroom visits and would like for her to meet as many of our students as possible.  I am confident that she will see the results of our hard work and validate what we have done so far.

November 7, 2016

Welcome to my weekly journal! I thought it would be a great idea to share information that I come across as I attend meetings, trainings, and events focused on getting students college ready. After spending 38 years in education working with students at the elementary, middle, and high school level, this journal will also serve as a tool for reflection as I attempt to internalize my learning using one of the tools (Writing to Learn) advocated by the Common Instructional Framework-the instructional delivery system for all early colleges in the United States.

graders, many of these students couldn’t find their homework, didn’t understand the word thIn my fifth year here at Thelma Salinas STEM, I have had the opportunity to witness the transformation of regular high school students to mature dedicated college students preparing for a STEM-focused career. How does this happen?  As 9deadline, and lacked basic study skills.  Today, these same students are “acing “ Organic Chemistry, University Physics, and Calculus II. 

In order to operate as an early college high school, we must apply to the state and get approved.  The application process is long and complicated, and we must be able to articulate how we will provide our students with the academic, emotional, and social support systems our students need to succeed in a “college world”.  In other words, we must be able to see each of our students as a whole. How can we only be concerned with what’s on our students’ mind when they also have things on their hearts? One of the concepts we learn to master, as we get older is the idea of balance. We study, learn, work, play, reflect, and care for those we love.  Yes, we can do it all and so can our students.!

Last week, our students got a well-deserved break from their rigorous programs of study.  Students attended our annual doubleheader-sporting event: Teachers vs. Students Volleyball and Seniors vs. Freshmen Basketball. Who won? Who cares? Our students had an opportunity to interact with each other, de-stress, and enjoy the games. I guess we can call this an exercise in practicing balance!


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