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Art/Graphic Design


The Thelma Salinas STEM Art & Graphic Design Club is a student and teacher administered club that focuses on enhancing and exploiting student’s talents through competitive events and scholarships. 

Purpose: The vision of the Art & Graphic Design Club is to aid club members in achieving an appreciation for the arts. As well, as to enrich and foster their exposure to art and graphic design through competitions, field trips, and group activities. The skills and knowledge accumulated in the Art & Graphic Design Club are directly applicable to student success and career success. 

Description: As a STEM campus, many of the clubs and organizations revolve around those specific topics. The Art & Graphic Design Club, however, provides students a different environment where they can not only strengthen their artistic skills, but they learn to utilize those skills and implement them into the STEM subjects. The Art & Graphic Design Club also has the perfect ambiance for students to get together to work, laugh, and have fun. 

Structure: For the academic year 2017-2018 the Art & Graphic Design Club has fifteen members and two sponsors. To give the club structure, Mr. Galvan and Mr. Garcia speak with the club members to plan meetings and activities according to the club member’s availability. Throughout the school year, students have been working and participating in different contests and activities to better their art and graphic design skills.